A History of Women Photographers, 3rd Edition


A History of Women Photographers, 3rd Edition


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By Naomi Rosenblum

Size: 11 1/2" x 8 3/4", 
Cloth, 416 pages
324 illustrations, 38 in full color
Published 2010
ISBN: 978-0-7892-0998-6

The essential illustrated history of women photographers, now updated and expanded to include women working in the twenty-first century.

“The definitive book on the subject.” -- The Wall Street Journal

“Rich in new revelation and discoveries.” -- Art New England

“Brings to light a largely unknown world in vivid originality and broad archival conception.” -- Publishers Weekly

“This volume is a remarkable resource and a wonderful work of art... In all, an unaccustomed luxury of quantity and quality...” -- The Art Book

"Rosenblum's book is a necessary companion to any available survey of photography's history... Weaving together biographical fact, social history, and critical observation, Rosenblum develops a dynamic view of women's engagement with camera work." -- Kenneth Baker, San Francisco Sunday Examiner and Chronicle

"There are surprises in every chapter of this well-written history, and the supporting material, which includes bibliographies and brief biographies of almost 250 photographers, is equally valuable." -- Chicago Tribune

-- A Shutterbug Magazine Top Photo Book of 2010

“Naomi Rosenblum’s seminal A History of Women Photographers is in a sense, a record of secrets. [Rosenblum] has curated impeccably with an instinctive eye for the best... [her] book is invaluable as a documentary that seeks to provide missing links in the record of the history of photography.” -- ArtNectar.com

Women have had a special relationship with the camera since the advent of photographic technology in the mid-nineteenth century. Photographers celebrated women as their subjects, from intimate family portraits and fashion spreads to artistic photography and nude studies, including Man Ray’s Violon d’Ingres. Lesser known—and lesser studied—is the history of women photographers, who continue to make invaluable contributions to this flourishing art form.

A lengthy study with 416 pages and more than 300 illustrations, A History of Women Photographers is the only survey of women photographers working in the past three centuries, and it is impressively comprehensive. In this edition author Naomi Rosenblum expands the book’s coverage, including new photographers and fifteen new images. There are several important revisions throughout the text and to the appendix of photographer biographies. Rosenblum also provides a new Afterword, in which she evaluates the influence of rapidly changing digital technology on the field of photography and how women photographers stand in the twenty-first century. A History of Women Photographers is a momentous contribution to the study of photography—and an important addition to any shutterbug’s library.

Naomi Rosenblum, an independent curator and scholar who has written many articles and lectured extensively on a wide range of subjects in photography, first published A World History of Photography in 1984 (it is now in its fourth edition and is a popular course textbook). This is the second revision of her 1994 book, A History of Women Photographers. She lives in Long Island City, New York.

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