Naomi Rosenblum

Dr. Naomi Rosenblum, eminent photographic historian, author and pioneer in the field, has written A WORLD HISTORY OF PHOTOGRAPHY and A HISTORY OF WOMEN PHOTOGRAPHERS, Abbeville Press, which was a finalist for the Kraszna-Krausz Foundation Award.  In 1997 Rosenblum curated A HISTORY OF WOMEN PHOTOGRAPHERS, a traveling exhibition based on her book.  In 1998, Naomi and her husband Walter were awarded the Infinity Award for Lifetime Achievement at the International Center for Photography.  Naomi has curated numerous exhibitions in such institutions as The Brooklyn Museum, The Akron Art Museum, The New York Public Library, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Chicago Historical Society and The University Art Gallery Venice Biennale.

Walter Rosenblum

Walter Rosenblum has been a photographer for fifty years, as well as an important figure in the advancement of twentieth century photography. Honored as a liberator of Dachau in WWII by the Simon Weisenthal Center, his photographic career spanned major events of the twentieth century; he photographed the immigrant experience in America, WWII, Spanish Civil War refugees, and in East Harlem, Haiti, Europe and the South Bronx.  Together with his wife, renowned photographic historian Naomi Rosenblum, Rosenblum curated international exhibitions including the Lewis Hine Retrospective. In 1998, Walter and his wife Naomi were awarded the Infinity Award for Lifetime Achievement at the International Center for Photography.  His photographs are represented in more than forty international collections including the J. Paul Getty Museum; Library of Congress, Wash. DC; Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris; Museum of Modern Art, NY.  'Walter Rosenblum: In Search of Pitt Street', an award-winning film about Rosenblum's life and work was produced by Daedalus Productions, Inc. in 2000.

Nina Rosenblum

Academy Award nominee Nina Rosenblum is internationally recognized as one of the most important directors of documentary and investigative cinema.  Daedalus Productions, Inc., a not-for-profit television and film company, which she founded in 1980 with director, producer and screenwriter Daniel Allentuck, was established to focus on issues not covered in the conventional media and produce non-fiction television for network, public and cable markets.  Specializing in international co-production, Rosenblum has produced and directed with PBS, HBO, Showtime/NY Times TV, Canal +/Spain, WDR/Germany, La Sept/France, Channel Four/UK and SBS/Australia.  Daedalus has won numerous awards and is a highly respected member of the world-wide non-fiction community.

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